AR Sights – 45 Degree Canted Iron Sights – FiveFiveSix – FDE (Tan) – Polymer – Front & Rear Included (Both)


AR Sights – 45 Degree Canted Front and Rear Sights Included

  • High-quality backup sights for AR-15
  • 45-degree canted design for quick target acquisition at close range
  • Made from lightweight and durable polymer material
  • Resistant to impacts, weather, and harsh environments
  • Compatible with most Picatinny rails
  • The front sight has a red fiber optic insert for low-light conditions
  • The rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Simple and intuitive design for easy installation and use
  • Enhances your rifle’s capabilities
  • Excellent investment for any AR-15 owner

The Best AR Sights – 45 Degree Canted Sights

The 45-degree Canted Polymer Sights are a great option if you want high-quality sights for your AR-15. This secondary sight is intended to be used in conjunction with your primary optic to help you acquire targets quickly and easily at close range. Iron sights are an essential component of firearms. Despite the growing popularity of red dot sights and modern optics, traditional iron sights continue to be an indispensable component of any firearm configuration. Typically, these sights consist of two distinct components: the front sight and the rear sight. By aligning these two sights, the target can be precisely targeted.

The 45-degree cant of these sights is an important design element. Its layout makes it easy to switch from using your primary optic to using your backup sights. This comes in handy when you need to quickly engage close-range opponents yet time is of the essence. Designed specifically for the AR-15 platform, the AR15 Canted Glow 45 Degree Night Sights, also known as backup sights, are a specialized variety of iron sights. These sights function as an alternative focusing mechanism that can be rapidly activated in circumstances where rapid target acquisition is critical or when the primary optic or sight system is compromised.

An attribute that sets these sights apart is their canted, or angled, construction. The customary orientation is 45 degrees with respect to the bore axis of the rifle. By doing so, the shooter is able to effortlessly change from the primary sight system, which is typically a red dot sight or magnified scope, to the secondary iron sights through a mere rifle rotation.

Numerous AR15 Canted Glow 45-Degree Night Sights feature other luminescent materials or tritium inserts. These inserts illuminate in low light conditions, enabling precise target acquisition.

Sights of this nature are constructed to endure severe conditions and substantial recoil. Typically, these objects are manufactured using resilient materials, such as polymer or aircraft-grade aluminum, which imparts to them qualities of lightness and longevity. When faced with high-stress circumstances, quickness is critical. Designed with swift deployment in mind, these sights enable the user to transition to iron sights with minimal delay. The AR15 Canted Glow 45 Degree Night Sights are highly adaptable and are compatible with an extensive variety of primary optics and sight systems.

The high-quality polymer used to create the sights ensures that they are both lightweight and long-lasting. They are durable enough to survive the stresses of tactical operations and are impervious to the effects of weather, impact, and other adverse conditions. Moreover, the polymer construction ensures that they won’t lose any of their initial quality or functionality over time due to corrosion, rust, or fading. The sights’ straightforward layout makes them simple to set up and operate. These attach to the rifle’s top, side, or bottom Picatinny rails. Low-light target acquisition is facilitated by the red fiber optic inlay in the front sight. Adjusting the windage and elevation of the rear sight improves precision.

A secondary aiming system can prove to be an indispensable asset during a critical situation. These sights guarantee that you can maintain precision even if your primary optic malfunctions. Without detaching or adjusting the primary optic, the canted design facilitates a smooth transition from the primary sight to iron sights. These sights are well-suited for shooting at dawn, dusk, or night due to the exceptional visibility offered by the glow-in-the-dark or tritium components under low-light conditions.

Designed to withstand recoil, severe weather conditions, and rough handling, these sights are constructed to withstand the rigors of firing. Although iron sights can be more costly than high-quality optics, they offer a dependable and cost-effective substitute for shooting at close to medium range. Sharpening one’s marksmanship abilities with iron sights. Iron sights are advantageous for many shooters to utilize in order to improve their shooting abilities.

For those in the market for a reliable spare set of sights for their AR-15, look no further than the AR 45-Degree Canted Polymer Sights. It’s simple to set up and use, doesn’t weigh a ton, and has a long service life. Its polymer material makes it resilient to shocks, weather, and harsh conditions, and its 45-degree canted form enables efficient target acquisition at close range. All things considered, these sights are a must-have for any AR-15 owner serious about expanding their firearm’s potential.


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