65-in-1 Survival Outdoor Kits – Military Tactical EDC – Emergency Gear Camping Tools


19-In-1 Wilderness Card – with fishing hooks, snare locks, and more tools
Emergency Tactical Pen – so you can break any car window in seconds
Rope Saw – easily cut tree branches or rope
PBT Bandage & 2 Disinfecting pads
Waterproof & Space Saving Case
Complete First Aid Kit
Molle Pouch with phone pocket & multiple zippered compartments.
Don’t Waste Any More Time!

The tactical kit will help you protect your loved ones, call for help, stay warm, build shelter, start a fire even during storms and enjoy all your outdoor adventures with unmatched confidence!

Here’s What You Get:
Steel LED Tactical Flashlight – with adjustable zoom and 3 modes (requires 1 AA battery but not include)
4-In-1 Paracord Bracelet – with integrated compass, whistle, and fire starter
10-In-1 Swiss Card – with bottle opener, screwdriver, can opener, wrench, and more
Flint Steel Striker – start a fire 5.000+ times with zero effort
4 Pieces Of Rapid Ignite Tinder – wax-soaked so you can start a fire even in the rain
Emergency Blanket – so you can stay warm and protected


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