AR500 Armor – Ballistic Bulletproof Combat – Level 3 Steel Plates Front/Rear PROTECTION (Rated for 7.62 NATO/.308 Caliber) w/ MOLLE Plate Carrier Tactical Vest (Stealth Black Color)


The Best AR500 Armor Ballistic Bulletproof Combat

• (2) AR500 Multi-Curved Body Armor Plates
• Plate Sizes: 10″ x 12″
• Curved to accommodate natural angle of body.
• Fully encapsulated Line-X Paxcon base coat to protect against corrosion, sweat, etc.
***Line-X Paxcon is the industry leading MIL-SPEC polyurea that is used in a wide variety of military applications, including the Pentagon! Beware of other companies that are using run of the mill bed liner, ESPECIALLY when used in anti-spall and frag coatings**
• Laser cut to ensure armor longevity and edge durability (see attached picture)
• Tested to defeat 6 rounds from 7.62 x 51 (.308) @ 2780 fps (see 3rd party ballistic lab results)
• Ability to be used in front and/or back.
• Includes Black Fast Plate Carrier!


AR500 Bulletproof Plates

AR500 Armor: Maximum Defense in a Perilous World

Personal safety is paramount in the modern society. Be ready for any potentially life-threatening scenario, from terrorist strikes to mass shootings. When faced with such dangers, the best protection one may get is from AR500 body armor. The advantages of AR500 armor, its production process, and actual cases when it saved lives are all covered in this article.

In other words, please explain what AR500 Armor is.

Body armor constructed from AR500 steel is one sort of protective gear used by military personnel. Bullets, shrapnel, and other projectiles will have no effect on this steel since it is made to deform under their impact. AR500 armor is superior to other types of body protection and can save lives in violent situations.

Degree of Safety

The high level of safety it provides is one of the main advantages of AR500 armor. The armor is made to deflect bullets and other projectiles, protecting the user from harm. In fact, AR500 body armor is widely regarded as among the most effective options available.

The Making Of AR500 Armor

AR500 armor requires a highly sophisticated manufacturing technique and superior quality steel. A hard, long-lasting surface is achieved by fast cooling the steel after it has been heated to a high temperature. Once the armor is shaped, it is covered with a protective layer to keep it from rusting and being damaged in other ways.

Suitability and ease of movement

AR500 armor is also notably more comfortable than other types. AR500 armor is meant to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for a complete range of motion, in contrast to other types of body armor which can be heavy and unwieldy. The armor is also modifiable, so it can be tailored to provide the best possible protection.

Real-Life Scenarios

AR500 body armor has seen use in the real world by police enforcement and military forces alike. AR500 armor has prevented death and harm on several occasions. AR500 armor is used to defend police officers in high-threat circumstances including hostage situations and active shooter occurrences.

Both the Price and Upkeep

Although AR500 armor can be somewhat expensive, it is well worth it if you value your safety. In terms of upkeep, it is crucial to maintain the armor clean and dry to avoid rust and other forms of damage.

Personal safety gear is a must in today’s perilous society. As a result of its superior degree of protection, comfort, and fit, AR500 armor is the best choice for use in hostile environments. High-quality body armor is a must for everyone, from police officers to civilians, because it can prevent serious injury or even death.


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