AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor AR Rifle/Bio Hazard Freedom 10X12 Plates – LEVEL 3 – Rated for (7.62 NATO/.308 Caliber) w/ FREE Trauma Pads


The Best AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor

Buy two sets, get two sets of Trauma Pads, and so on.

• 1 – 10×12 AR500 curved American Flag front chest plate

• 1 – 10×12 AR500 flat Rifle backplate

Introducing the SFA Spec Fit. This is an ergonomic and comfortable design that won’t inhibit your movement.



• 1/4 inch LEVEL III Body Armor

• These plates are Stand Alone plates, meaning that the steel plate itself qualifies as Class III Armor.  Rhino is added in addition to the plates to enhance their capabilities.

• Think of the Rhino as the ultimate way to protect your armor investment and to have it maintain a rugged professional appearance for a lifetime.

• The plates are Die Set Pressed to provide a smooth uninterrupted radius that does not compromise the integrity of the steel.  The plates are NOT press braked.


H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. – Tested and Certified:

• This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.

• NIJ tested Level III Armor will defeat 6 rifle rounds up to 7.62×51/.308 @ 2780 ft/s @ 15 METERS

Military Applications:

• Tank Lining

• MRAP Vehicles

• Secondary containment

• Blast Mitigation


The Best AR500 Armor


The Ultimate Defense in Dangerous Circumstances: AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor

When it comes to stopping bullets and other projectiles in their tracks, the AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor is your best bet. You will be safe even in the bloodiest of situations, thanks to the special steel used to make this armor.

The AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor is made with a cutting-edge manufacturing process and top-tier steel. Rapidly cooling steel that has been heated to a high temperature creates a surface that is both hard and durable. This protection is then shaped as necessary and coated to guard against rust and other damage.

AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor offers the highest possible level of protection to its wearer. It may deflect gunshots and other projectiles, protecting its wearer from potentially fatal wounds. AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor is one of the most dependable and effective types of body armor available today.

In addition to its effectiveness, AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor also has a high level of comfort. This armor is made to be lightweight and flexible so that the wearer can move freely while still being protected. The armor is also modifiable, so it can be tailored to provide the best possible protection.

Law enforcement officials and military personnel are just two of the groups who have put AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor to use in the real world. It has prevented death and major injury from occurring in several situations. AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor is used by law enforcement to defend officers in dangerous situations like hostage crises and active shooter occurrences.

In sum, AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor is the best option for those who need absolute safety at all times. It provides the highest possible levels of safety, convenience, and dependability, making it a must-have for everyone who values their personal safety. Keep yourself protected at all times with the AR500 Ballistic Bulletproof Armor; it can withstand even the most lethal of attacks.



Before purchasing any Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates make sure you know what laws apply to body armor in your specific locality. If you are caught purchasing or utilizing  Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates in a locality where it is prohibited, you might be subjected to legal action. You are taking ultimate responsibility for your purchase and ensuring you are following all laws and regulations for your jurisdiction.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates. If you are a convicted felon and are caught wearing Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates, you will be subjected to legal ramifications. If you knowingly buy Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates as a convicted felon, you could end up in jail for your actions. Don’t commit a crime while wearing Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates.

Residents of Connecticut are prohibited from buying Armor – AR500 Body Armor Plates unless the sale is face to face (or unless the buyer is a police officer, Police Department, or military). We can’t ship to Connecticut, or even accept credit cards billed there… We cannot ship to residents of Connecticut who are not police or military.


By purchasing the body armor contained in this listing from FiveFiveSix223.com (Seller), you  (Purchaser) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1)    Purchaser represents that s/he is at least 18 years old or the age of majority in the State or Territory in which s/he resides.

2)    Purchaser is not a convicted felon at the time of purchase.

3)    Seller will not sell body armor to any citizen or resident of the State of Connecticut.

4)    Purchaser is legally allowed to purchase, possess, and/or use the purchased item(s) in Purchaser’s State/Territory, County/Parish, and municipality, and affirms that such purchase does not violate any federal, state, or local laws.

5)    Seller makes no representations to Purchaser about the legality of any Purchase of body armor. Seller makes no representations about the consequences to Purchaser in the event Purchaser buys the body armor in contravention of any applicable federal, state, or local law. Purchaser is encouraged to seek qualified legal counsel in his/her jurisdiction if Purchaser has any questions concerning ab federal, state, or local laws.

6)    Seller is not responsible for Purchaser’s violation of any federal, state, or local law concerning the Purchaser’s purchase, use, re-sale, other distribution of any body armor obtained from Seller. This disclaimer applies to any re-distribution within or outside of the United States.

7)    Seller will cooperate with any federal, state, or local law enforcement agency investigating the purchase or use of body armor by the Purchaser.

8)    Purchaser is not buying the body armor on behalf of another person in an effort to avoid compliance with these Terms and Conditions or to circumvent any applicable federal, state, or local law.

9)    Although Seller’s body armor is tested to withstand bullets, the armor is bullet-resistant and not bulletproof. Body armor will not protect someone from injury or death in all circumstances. Body armor will not provide any protection for the parts not covered by the armor. Purchaser acknowledges that there is always a risk of injury, including serious injury or death, if struck by a bullet while wearing body armor.

10) To the fullest extent permitted by law, Purchaser and his/her heirs, assigns, successors, and agents agree that Seller is not liable for any injury, including serious injury or death, that may occur during the use of Seller’s body armor. To that end, Purchaser and his/her heirs assign, successors, and agents, release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Seller for any liability from the purchase, possession, or use of the body armor. Purchaser and his/her heirs assign successors, and agents specifically disclaim any right to any damages from Seller, including compensatory damages, incidental damages, consequential damages, punitive damages, costs, and attorney’s fees.

11) Any statements, images, or descriptions of body gear herein, including all photographic and video depictions, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a warranty of the products in any way.

12) Seller specifically disavows and disclaims any representation, implied or express warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the items sold. Every item is sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS. THE BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PRODUCT.


The Terms and Conditions are effective as to the Purchaser on the date of the purchase of the body armor and supersede all prior oral or written Terms and Conditions between Purchaser and Seller.

These Terms and Conditions may be updated, revised, or changed without prior notice.


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