AR15 Muzzle Brake – Compensator w/ Crush Washer – FDE Tan (Aluminum) – 1/2-28 TPI for Caliber – .223/5.56 NATO


AR15 Muzzle Brake – 5.56 NATO/ .223 – 1/2-28 TPI


  • Muzzle brake and compensator hybrid w/ FREE crush washer
  • Made From Aluminum 6082 T6, Doesn’t weigh the barrel down, and is extremely lightweight!
  • Thread: 1/2×28 TPI
  • Color:  Anodized Black
  • Material:  6082 T6 Aluminum
  • Weight:3 OZ
  • Crush Washer Included


The Best AR15 Muzzle Brake

Purchasing the appropriate attachments for your AR15 can significantly improve its functionality. The AR15 Muzzle Brake is one such essential piece of equipment that is frequently overlooked. We’ll go into the details of the FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake in this extensive tutorial, showing you how it can improve your shooting and offer unmatched control and accuracy.

The FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake is an example of engineering excellence. This muzzle brake is made with great care and attention to detail, and it’s intended to improve the AR15’s overall performance by reducing muzzle rise and recoil. Made of premium materials, the FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake is built to endure the rigors of frequent use. Because of the assurance of longevity and durability, it is a dependable option for both novice and expert shooters.

Your AR15’s unique Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Tan finish offers corrosion resistance in addition to cosmetic appeal. The FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake is an accessory that improves performance and enhances the appearance of your handgun. Reducing recoil is one of a muzzle brake’s main purposes. In this regard, the FDETan556Comp shines, giving you greater control over your AR15 during rapid-fire drills. Faster and more accurate follow-up shots are the outcome.

Muzzle rise can greatly affect your shooting accuracy. By reducing muzzle rise, the FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake helps you shoot follow-up shots more quickly and accurately by keeping your rifle on target. For tactical or competitive shooting applications, this is quite helpful. Mastering these two concepts is essential to becoming a proficient marksman. Because of the FDETan556Comp’s more solid shooting platform, you can shoot accurately and on target even in situations where shots are fired quickly.

The FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake is threaded, making installation on your AR15 simple. Because of this ease, you can improve your rifle without having to undergo significant gunsmithing or modification. Even if the FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake improves your AR15’s performance, practicing and training consistently are still essential to achieving your shooting potential. Make the most of the muzzle brake’s advantages to improve your shooting.

Think about upgrading and adding more accessories to your FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake according on your shooting style. A well-rounded strategy can further improve your shooting experience, from changes to triggers to sights. Put safety first in all facets of gun ownership. Make sure you understand how your AR15 works, that you handle it properly, and that you always abide by the laws on the safety of firearms. Although the FDETan556Comp Muzzle Brake improves control, responsible gun ownership is still crucial.


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