GLOCK 19 Barrel (GEN 1-5) 9mm Gold Titanium Nitride 416R Stainless Steel Match-Grade Barrel – Custom Crowned Barrel (1:10 Twist)



  • Material:  made from 416R stainless steel
  • Match Grade Barrel
  • Stress Relief and Heat Treatment (RC 40–42)
  • Length:  4″
  • flush cut
  • Twist:  1:10
  • Caliber:  For all Glock 19 –  9×19 MM
  • Finish:  Nitride
  • Enlarged feed ramp to feed all types of ammo with flawless operation

Glock 19 Barrel in Gold Titanium 416R: Elevating Performance and Aesthetics

Its dependability, adaptability, and small size have long been praised for the Glock 19. Adding a unique gold titanium 416R barrel would elevate this classic handgun to new heights. This in-depth study will look at the benefits, characteristics, and unique attributes of FiveFiveSix2223’s Glock 19 Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel. Find out how this well-thought-out modification gives your Glock a luxurious touch while also improving performance. With its striking appearance, the Glock 19 Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel is a high-end aftermarket barrel that is meant to perform very well.

This barrel, made of 416R stainless steel, combines titanium’s lightweight qualities with the strength and resilience of stainless steel. A sumptuous touch is added, and corrosion resistance is improved by the gold-titanium finish. Utilizing cutting-edge CNC technology, the barrel is expertly machined. As a result, shooting pleasure is enhanced, and precise tolerances and accuracy are guaranteed. Beyond appearance, there is more to the unique gold-titanium finish. It guarantees that your Glock 19 keeps its elegant appearance even after prolonged usage by offering extra defense against wear and corrosion.

Options for a Threaded Barrel: The Glock 19 Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel comes with a threaded option for users who want to experiment with suppressors or muzzle devices. Your gun arrangement becomes more versatile as a result. Combining titanium and 416R stainless steel results in a barrel that is robust enough to withstand frequent use. More durability means a longer barrel life, whether you’re a competitive shooter or just a casual shooter who visits the range frequently.

The combination of a gold titanium coating and stainless steel enhances the material’s well-known ability to resist corrosion. Superior rust and corrosion resistance make the Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel suitable for a wide range of environmental circumstances. Titanium is lightweight, which helps to decrease recoil and enable quicker and more accurate follow-up shots. For shooters who value control and accuracy above everything else, this is especially advantageous.

The personalized gold titanium finish on your Glock 19 provides a degree of uniqueness beyond its practical advantages. Give your gun a personalized touch by personalizing it to suit your tastes and style. A wide variety of Glock parts and accessories are available from FiveFiveSix223 in addition to the Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel. Glock lovers searching for premium products can visit FiveFiveSix223 once, whether they are looking for slides, triggers, or other adjustments.

Integrating the Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel

Before making the upgrade, ensure that the Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel is compatible with your Glock 19 model. The barrel is designed specifically for Glock 19 pistols, offering a direct fit for an effortless upgrade. While replacing a barrel is a manageable task for those familiar with firearm maintenance, it’s advisable to seek professional installation if you’re not comfortable with the process. This ensures proper fitment and functionality. After installation, conduct function testing to ensure that your Glock 19 operates smoothly with the new barrel. Verify accuracy, cycling, and overall functionality to guarantee reliable performance. To preserve the quality and longevity of the Custom Gold Titanium 416R Barrel, incorporate regular maintenance into your firearm care routine. Clean the barrel after each use, lubricate as needed, and store your Glock 19 in a secure and dry location.


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