MACE Pepper GUN 2.0 – 20ft. Self Defense SPRAY w/ Strobe LED


MACE Pepper GUN 2.0


The Mace Brand Pepper Gun 2.0 with Strobe LED is a major investment in your own personal safety. It’s available whenever you might need it. Its OC pepper spray can lead to coughing, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, and a severe burning feeling. The UV dye leaves a detectable trail that can be used for further analysis and sleuthing. For maximum effect and range, prepare the pepper spray by rapidly shaking the pepper gun before taking aim. Put your fingertip on the trigger and push for two or three seconds to release the pepper spray. This pepper spray weapon is equipped with an LED light to deter and disorient any potential attackers. And the included Picatinny rail means you can add sights and lasers to further improve your field of view and accuracy. It offers extreme customization with additional red dot usage or other optics!


Product Description:


The most accurate non-lethal pepper spray device is now equipped with a disorienting LED strobe light.
Pull the trigger once to activate the steady LED flashlight feature. Pull the trigger a second time and the pulsating strobe light is engaged.
The Mace Pepper Gun with Flashing Strobe delivers a targeted stream of OC pepper spray up to 20 feet, and a constant stream from any angle.
The trigger-activated, dual-mode LED light disorients an attacker and helps to accurately aim at the target.
Integrated Picatinny rail allows you to attach accessories to your Pepper Gun.
Each Pepper Gun includes a 28 gram OC pepper spray cartridge, a water practice cartridge, and AG13/LR44 batteries for the dual-mode LED.


Approx. 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″
Features Refillable, LED strobe light
Formula & Model  Mace Pepper Gun
Number of Bursts: Up to 7
PepperGun Refill Cartridge Pack:   No
Weight:  28 grams
Range    Up to 20′ feet
SDS (PDF)    10% Pepper Extreme Stream
Spray Pattern:    Stream
MA State Restriction :   Yes
NY State Restriction  :  Yes

Please check your state and local laws before purchasing this item. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws in regard to the possession, use, and sale of any item purchased.


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