FiveFiveSix Tactical- Predator Airsoft Mask (Black Color) INCLUDES HELMET (For Airsoft ONLY) for Face Protection


Predator Airsoft Mask


This Tactical Airsoft Mask Fits for a head circumference of approximately 54-62cm(21.2-24.4 inches)

  • Lightweight – Easy to carry and store.
  • The helmet is also designed to support mounted accessories with a G4 system. Most users commonly mount POV Cameras, lights/illuminators, battery boxes, IFF Markers (identification friend or fo), and dead rats. Compatibility with most aftermarket accessories with little or no modification.
  • The Tactical Helmet with protection mask, Goggles & G4 system, used in active service and airsoft games. The added protection of the Tactical Helmet allows Airsoft players a bolder style of play.


  • All-round helmet design with a protection mask
  • Side Rails fit a variety of tactical accessories
  • Integrated NVG Mounting Point Compatible with most GoPro NVG style mounts (NVG mount not included)
  • Lightweight and Hard Polymer Construction
  • Crystal goggles are strong enough to protect against shots from an airsoft gun
  • Good ventilation makes no fogging
  • Adjustable Chin Strap
  • Brand: FiveFiveSix Tactical

Best Airsoft Mask

Airsoft masks are an important piece of gear for airsoft players because they protect the face and lower head while they play. But what is so special and unique about airsoft masks?

One of the most important things about airsoft masks is that they keep BBs from hitting the face and lower head. Airsoft BBs can move quickly, and if they hit you in the face or head, you could get hurt badly. Airsoft masks are made to stop BBs from hitting the player’s face and keep the BBs from hitting the player’s face. This protection is important to keep players from getting hurt and make sure they can keep playing the game safely.

Another important thing about airsoft masks is that they make you feel good and let you see well. Airsoft masks are made to fit snugly and comfortably on the head, so players can move around and shoot without being in pain. Many airsoft masks also have a clear visor that lets players see their opponents and their surroundings clearly. This is important for making quick and accurate shots.

Airsoft masks are also unique because they come in many different designs and styles. There are a lot of different kinds of airsoft masks, from full-face masks to half-face masks and even lower face masks. This gives players the chance to choose a mask that fits their needs and style. Some airsoft masks have extra features like ventilation or anti-fog technology that can make them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


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