This Crosman DPMS SBR Compact Full Auto.177 Caliber BB Rifle has foldable BUIS front and rear sights and can fire more than 1,400 rounds per minute. A smooth-bore barrel, an adjustable stock, and a Picatinny mounting rail are among the features. The weight and features of the BB gun are realistic.


  • CROSMAN DPMS SBR Tactical Short Barrel Rifle

  • Full Auto /Semi-Auto BB rifle
  • Blowback action
  • Adjustable 6 Position Buttstock
  • AR compatible Pistol Grip
  • Quad Rail forearm for accessory mounting
  • Unique muzzle end cap
  • 25 round drop magazine
  • Flip-up backup iron sights (BUIS)
  • Angled Foregrip
  • Realistic weight and functions
  • Speedloader not included.



Manufacturer: Crosman DPMS

FPS Range: 350-430

Color: FDE – Flat Dark Earth Tan


Magazine Capacity: 25rd Stick Magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 430 FPS (Measured with .177 cal)
Fire Modes: Semi, Full-Auto, Safety
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, grip, back- up iron sights

The Crosman DPMS SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) is a precise CO2 clone of the AR-15/M4 platform that fires 25 BBs in either semi-automatic or full automatic mode at 1400 rounds per minute and can be disassembled exactly like a standard AR. Originating with a DPMS PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), Crosman added tactical features including an angled foregrip, BUIS (Backup Iron Sights), and a mock suppressor while maintaining the fully functional controls and functionality of an actual AR. The Crosman DPMS SBR is the airgun for you if you’re searching for an exact duplicate of an AR-15 for training or just plain full-auto fun! Continue reading below for more information.

This Crosman DPMS SBR Compact Full Auto.177 Caliber BB Rifle has foldable BUIS front and rear sights and can fire more than 1,400 rounds per minute. A smooth-bore barrel, an adjustable stock, and a Picatinny mounting rail are among the features. The weight and features of the BB gun are realistic. The DPMS is pre-installed with BUIS (backup iron sights). Although you must firmly push them all the way up and down because they are not spring-loaded, they perform well and will operate with the majority of red dot and laser sights. The dual aperture rear sight, which incorporates a peep sight for accuracy shooting and an O2 (0-200 yard) sight for quicker target acquisition, is only windage adjustable while the front sight is non-adjustable. Even though the BB version can’t shoot 200 yards, the sights are a fairly good replica of those on a real firearm.

You may purchase the DPMS kit, which costs a few more dollars and comes with a CenterPoint 1x30mm Large Battle Enclosed Reflex Sight with a 3 MOA Red Dot and Picatinny mounting. All replica enthusiasts will value the absence of white warning wording on the side as one example. The subtle stamping of the warnings and licensing information preserves the gun’s natural appearance and feel. Although not abnormally small for a tactical arm, the grip is on the smaller side and can be swapped out for any standard AR grip. When you swap grips, be aware that there are a few tiny springs you’ll want to watch out for.

Thanks to its six-position adjustable buttstock, the DPMS SBR will fit any shooter. To extend or collapse the buttstock, push the lever in. To totally remove the buttstock, put the lever all the way in. There is no way to switch in different AR stocks because the buffer tube serves as the hammer. The magazine houses the gun’s valving as well as the BBs, CO2, and an Allen wrench for puncturing the CO2. The magazine doesn’t fall free when you press the mag release button, but this is beneficial because it helps prevent falls and injury. The BBs feed consistently since they double stack, though not quite as much as some magazines.

Although we haven’t encountered any issues with these, a customer has mentioned that Dust Devils occasionally hang up. However, a small amount of Pellgunoil in the feed channel should resolve this. The follower does not lock in place as the handbook claims it should for loading; instead, it must be held back with a thumbnail, which is a pain. The speed loader that Crosman includes makes it easy to load the magazine, which is good news. However, there is one restriction: if you don’t use the BBs it prefers, it will clog. We put a variety of BBs to the test, and Daisy and Marksman BBs continually jammed, Crosman Copperheads occasionally jammed but generally functioned, but Hornady Black Diamonds, Umarex Steel BBs, H&N Smart Shot, and Air Venturi Dust Devils performed wonderfully. Avoid attempting to force the speed loader if it is stuck. Try again after shaking, flipping, and tapping the object. The majority of difficulties will be resolved by doing that, however you can prevent complications by avoiding bigger BBs like the Daisy’s.

Open the front cover by raising it up where it says OPEN to load the CO2. Utilizing the provided Allen wrench, pierce the first CO2 cartridge from the left. If you won’t be firing much, stop here and only use one CO2 cartridge; alternatively, place the second cartridge on the right and puncture it as well. Keep in mind that if you don’t perform them in this specific order, the cartridge to the right will instantly release all of the CO2. Squeeze the piercing bolt tightly before giving it a brief twist to completely puncture and seal to reduce CO2 loss.

Replace the lid now, place the magazine inside, and slap it to firmly seat it. You can choose between semi-automatic and fully-automatic by pulling back the charging handle, which will also reveal the dust cover. Then, you’re ready to go! You just need to push in the bolt release when you reload the BBs and seat the magazine. Pulling the charging handle is not necessary. A huge part of the fun of the DPMS SBR is how all of these controls work just like they should! In actuality, the forward assist is the only item that is broken, and even then, it would be useless.

The DPMS delivers on everyone’s demands for accurate AR15 field strip capability. It is pretty simple to dissect. Uncock the firearm and take the magazine out first (pull the trigger). In order to remove the safety from the opposite side, press in the rear pin that is placed up and back of the safety. Even if a screwdriver or other tool might make it simpler, you should be able to perform this with just your fingertips. By pulling out the charging handle, you may now access the bolt assembly and totally remove it from the rifle.

Remove the front pin in the same way as the top receiver in order to separate them fully. Keep in mind that the forward pin can be removed, but the back pin cannot. It’s a good idea to perform some maintenance on the DPMS SBR if you’ve fired about 3000 rounds through it. Apply some silicone chamber oil to the green seal on the bolt’s face and within the bolt housing while the bolt assembly is off, or at least pulled back.



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