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Glock 19 Complete Upper Slide – Custom Black Cerakote – Lightning Cut RMR Slide – Custom Crowned Match Grade Gold Barrel – 416 Stainless Steel


Glock 19 Complete Upper Slide – Lightning Cut with RMR Slide and Gold


Lightning Cut Slide (Manufactured in the United States):

  • Compatible with Generation 1-3, Glock 19, chambered in 9mm
  • Crafted through CNC machining using high-quality U.S. 416 stainless steel
  • Sleek Black Cerakote finish
  • Heat treated for enhanced durability
  • Features stylish side windows for aesthetic appeal and weight reduction
  • Equipped with top ports to aid in recoil management and muzzle rise control
  • Boasts a distinctive Cobra Nose design
  • Rear serrations are slanted for improved grip and ease of slide manipulation
  • Chamfered edge for added comfort and aesthetics
  • Optic-ready with an RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) optic cut
  • Specifically cut to fit the Trijicon RMR Footprint for compatibility
  • Utilizes 6-32 mounting screws for secure installation
  • Includes a composite RMR cover plate and accompanying screws
  • The composite RMR cover plate is constructed using Markforged 3D printing technology with an Onyx base
  • Offers an ultra-lightweight design while maintaining necessary structural rigidity
  • Texturing from the 3D printing process provides just the right amount of grip
  • Satin textured finish for a refined appearance

Custom Gold Match-Grade Barrel (Manufactured in the United States):

  • Compatible with Generation 1-3, Glock 19, chambered in 9mm
  • Precision CNC machined from 4150 steel
  • Flush cut length for a streamlined appearance
  • Heat treated for optimal strength and durability
  • Features a stylish Gold TiN finish for a distinctive look
  • Comes with pre-installed HGW OEM Style internals, all made in the USA:
  • Front and rear polymer sights
  • Captive Polymer Guide Rod Assembly
  • Factory weight flat wire recoil spring
  • Striker / Firing Pin
  • Channel Liner
  • Striker Spacer Sleeve
  • Striker / Firing Pin Spring cups
  • Firing Pin Safety
  • Extractor with a Gold TiN finish
  • Extractor Depressor Plunger
  • Spring Load LCI (Loaded Chamber Indicator) Bearing
  • Internal Spring Kit
  • Striker, Extractor & FPS (Firing Pin Safety) in Factory Weight
  • Backplate

The Best Glock 19 Complete Upper Slide


The Glock 19 is a trusted handgun used by police, military, and civilians. The Glock 19 is one of the world’s most common handguns for good reason. It’s portable, dependable, and simple to use in combat. However, replacing the entire top slide is a good place to begin when customizing your Glock 19. Glock guns are modular, making modification and upgrades easy. Glock 19 complete upper slides are appreciated for their performance, aesthetics, and adaptability. This blog article discusses how a Glock 19 full upper can improve your shooting experience.

Before discussing benefits, let’s define a complete upper. A Glock 19 complete upper contains the barrel, slide, sights, and other parts. It is a completely constructed unit that can be readily changed onto the lower frame of your Glock 19 handgun, changing its appearance and functionality.

A Glock 19 complete upper slide can improve performance. Upgraded complete uppers increase accuracy, reliability, and shooting experience. Aftermarket barrels with match-grade precision and enhanced rifling improve bullet stability and accuracy. Improved serrations and optics-ready slides increase target acquisition and sight picture.

The slide, barrel, recoil spring, and guide rod make up the upper slide entirely. Everything you need to upgrade the functionality and aesthetics of your Glock 19 by swapping out the stock slide.

Using a whole top slide for your Glock 19 has many advantages. For starters, it can make your rifle more precise. A high-quality slide and barrel will improve accuracy over stock parts and may even lessen felt recoil.

Second, a Glock 19’s style can be improved by installing a whole upper slide. There are many different slides to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that appeals to your sense of style. Optical cuts and flared mag wells are two performance-enhancing options when selecting a slide.

For the Glock 19, you can choose from a number of alternative entire upper slides.
OEM Slides are Glock’s own factory-made slides. They’re the bare minimum, yet they get the job done every time. Aftermarkets refer to slides produced by companies other than the original manufacturer. They usually have superior construction and improved parts. Slides produced by a bespoke gunsmith specifically for the customer. They’re adaptable to your needs and might include special touches of your choosing.

Numerous gun aficionados choose the Glock 19, known for its dependability and adaptability, as a starting point for creating their own unique shooting experience. Adding a custom full upper slide is one of the most noticeable methods to improve the quality of your Glock 19. This article delves into the realm of modified Glock 19 full upper slides, discussing their benefits, features, and the ways in which they may make your pistol perform like no other.

Unleashing Your Glock’s Potential

Completely personalized upper slides provide up a world of customization options for your Glock 19. These aftermarket slides may be swapped out for the original on your handgun to change up the look and feel. Custom slides allow you to personalize your pistol in a wide variety of ways, from serrations and cuts to coatings and optics compatibility.

Key Features and Benefits


Whether you’re looking for something simple and modern or ornate and artistic, custom slides are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. You may still be practical while expressing your unique sense of flair.

Improved serrations and lightning cuts are two common custom slide additions that do double duty by both decreasing the slide’s overall weight and making it easier to cycle. These enhancements allow for quicker reloading and better shooting overall.

The ability to use different optics is revolutionary for modern shooting. Red dot sights and other optics can be mounted flush on custom slides with little effort, improving accuracy and speeding up target acquisition.

To guarantee your Glock’s dependability in any environment, some custom slides are made with high-quality materials and coatings that increase longevity and corrosion resistance.

Taking Your Targeting to the Next Level

Elevating Your Shooting Experience


Optic-ready custom slides are perfect for defensive and competitive shooting because they allow for rapid target acquisition and uninterrupted focus on the threat or target.

You may make your handgun stand out from the crowd with custom engravings, logos, and patterns on the slide.

Whether you use your Glock for home defense, tactical training, or competitive shooting, upgrading to a custom full upper slide will improve your gun’s accuracy and reliability.

Consider aspects including existing parts compatibility, personal aesthetic preference, and desired shooting functionality when selecting a whole upper slide for your Glock 19. FiveFiveSix223’s Glock 19 custom full upper slide blends an eye-catching design with performance-enhancing features to create a blank slate for personalization.

The upper slides for the Glock 19 can be customized to make the pistol look and perform exactly the way the owner wants it to. Your shooting needs and personal aesthetic can both be accommodated by a Glock 19 customized with performance enhancements, optics compatibility, and aesthetic appeal. Custom entire upper slides are the key to unleashing your pistol’s full potential, whether you’re a competition shooter, a proponent of self-defense, or just a Glock fan. The FiveFiveSix223 Glock 19 custom entire upper slide is a work of art that begs you to experiment with new ways of improving your Glock.


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