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Glock 26 Complete Upper – Custom Complete Upper for Glock 26 – Gold Titanium Nitrate Coated (17-4 Billet Stainless Steel) – Crowned Gold Match-Grade Win RMR Prism Barrel – RMR Cut for Optics


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The Best Glock 26 Complete Upper

Custom Titanium Nitride Slide (made in the USA):

  • Gen 1-3 compatible, G26 – 9mm
  • Gold titanium nitrate coats the slide. Has a cover plate and screws, and features an RMR optics cut. The Titanium Nitrate coating on the barrel creates a varietyof colors.
  • When compared to 416 Stainless Steel, 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel is four times as strong. This slide is of genuine premium quality, as seen by the use of high-grade materials. Compared to other slides, those made of 416 stainless steel just don’t cut it. You won’t find a better value on a slide of this caliber anywhere else.
  • Gold Titanium Nitrate Coated
  • Heat Treated
  • Front and Rear Slanted serrations
  • Front Side Port
  • Bull Nose
  • Chamfered Edge
  • Optic Cut
  • Cut for Trijicon RMR Footprint
  • Uses 6-32 mounting screws
  • Includes composite RMR cover plate and screws
  • Composite RMR Cover Plate – Using Markforged 3D printed Onyx base
  • Ultra lightweight and engineered stiffness where needed
  • Just the right amount of texturing from 3D process, satin textured finish
  • The barrel is Prismatic Colored Titanium Nitrate Coated.

Features & Specifications

  • Gen 1-3 compatible, G26, 9mm
  • The 17-4 stainless steel slide is built to last. Making this distinction is Crucial.
  • Flush Cut
  • Heat Treated
  • Gold TiN PVD Finish
  • Polymer Front and Rear Sights
  • Polymer Guide Rod Assembly
  • Striker / Firing Pin
  • Channel Liner
  • Striker Spacer Sleeve
  • Striker / Firing Pin Spring cups
  • Firing Pin Safety
  • Extractor
  • Extractor Depressor Plunger
  • Spring Load LCI Bearing
  • Internal Spring Kit
  • Striker, Extractor & FPS in Factory Weights
  • Back Plate


Custom Glock 26 Complete Upper

Due to its small size and dependability, the Glock 26 is a common choice for covert carry. However, many Glock 26 owners wish to personalize their firearm so that it meets their individual demands. This can be achieved, for example, by replacing the Glock 26’s entire upper. This article will explain why you should buy a custom Glock 26 full upper and how to choose which features are essential for your gun.

The Glock 26 is known for its compactness, dependability, and use. It’s a concealed carry, law enforcement, and personal defense staple. Glock 26 owners enjoy its performance. But what if you could improve? The Gold Titanium Nitrate Coated Complete Upper is a bespoke solution that improves Glock performance and looks.

Before we discuss the Gold Titanium nitrate-coated Complete Upper, let’s consider why the Glock 26 is so great. Its small size makes the Glock 26 perfect for concealed carry. It has a large magazine and a comfortable grip despite its diminutive size.

Glock pistols are reliable. They work perfectly in severe situations. Consistent trigger pull and ergonomic construction provide the Glock 26 with excellent out-of-the-box accuracy.
Glock pistols are customizable. You may customize the trigger, sights, and more to suit your shooting style.

Gold Titanium Nitrate Coated Complete Upper is a masterpiece that elevates your Glock 26.

The gold titanium nitrate finish distinguishes your Glock 26. The goal is to make a statement, not just perform. This finish gives your pistol a touch of refinement, whether you’re a competitive shooter or a gun aficionado. The entire upper is comprised of strong and durable 17-4 billet stainless steel. This keeps your Glock accurate and reliable in diverse settings.

Gold Titanium Nitrate Coated Complete Uppers have capped gold match-grade barrels. This improves Glock 26 accuracy. Precision key while practicing at the range or self-defense. This handmade upper has an RMR cut. This makes mounting an optic such as a red dot sight easy for faster target acquisition and better accuracy. Competitive shooters and tactical enthusiasts like it.

The whole upper incorporates sights, eliminating the need for separate purchase and installation. Glock 26 upgrades are easier with this convenience.

What is a Custom Glock 26 Complete Upper?

Let’s start with the basics before we get into the advantages of a customized Glock 26 full upper: what it is. The slide, barrel, and recoil spring together make up the Glock 26’s upper. The accuracy, dependability, and general performance of a gun can be boosted by upgrading this component.

Many aftermarket parts for the Glock 26 upper are designed to enhance these features, and these parts are commonly seen on custom-built guns. Some examples of such upgrades include a match-grade barrel, a ported slide, and upgraded sights. A full upper made specifically for your Glock 26 can help you hit your targets with pinpoint precision. Recoil can be minimized and accuracy improved with aftermarket barrels, slides, and sights. Improved cycling and fewer malfunctions are two additional benefits of using a custom upper receiver for your Glock 26 to boost reliability. A ported slide or upgraded recoil spring assembly are just two examples of aftermarket components that can help your pistol cycle reliably every time.


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